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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Changing the Map of Life
Chapter 2 Student of the Universe
Chapter 3 Life's Unpredictability Makes a Fool Out of Us
Chapter 4 The Two Most Important Life Codes
Chapter 5 Avoid the Well-Disguised Poison
Chapter 6 Secrets Within Secrets
Chapter 7 Miracles of Life
Chapter 8 Blissful Marriage Starts With Sexual Contentment
Chapter 9 Everything in The World Can Be Large or Small
Chapter 10 Do or Don't
Chapter 11 Luck-Changing Foods
Chapter 12 The Lucky Effects of a House
Chapter 13 A Breath of Well-Being
Chapter 14 Spilling Tears Within Universal Space
Chapter 15 Miracles are Within your Reach
Chapter 16 Take the Life-Saving Pill Now
Postscript 1 A Letter to the Citizens of the World
Postscript 2 A Letter to Those Determined to Diligently Practice the Book's Methods
Postscript 3 A Letter to All Parents
Postscript 4 A Letter to Governments Around the World
Postscript 5 A Letter to Religious Leaders
Postscript 6 A Letter to Environmental Protection Organizations
Postscript 7 A Letter to the Wealthy
Postscript 8 A Letter to Those Less Fortunate
Postscript 9 A Letter to Psychics and Fortune Tellers
Postscript 10 A Letter to the Spirits
Postscript 11 A Letter to Those Searching for Better Health
Postscript 12 A Letter to Those Searching for A Better Marriage
Postscript 13 A Letter to Global Celebrities
Postscript 14 A Letter to Those Who Make Wishes
Postscript 15 Love is Everything
Postscript 16 See You There
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