About The Author

Great Sun is an avid seeker of the truth behind religious teachings. At the age of fourteen, he became a devout Christian and started on his religious journeys to learn Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Tantrism, and more. 

Ever since he met Friend G in 2005, his newly gained knowledge enrolled him as a student of the universe, accepting various advancement opportunities given by the love of the universe. Permitted by fate, Great Sun has been able to help and guide many people to better their lives, and some even consider him to be a mentor of the body, soul and spirit. However, Great Sun does not take credit for his success and abilities; he believes the glory belongs to the Universe. Those who wish to learn his methods shall not become a student under his name, rather as friends who are specks of dust joined together by the vast Universe.

His knowledge and experiences have made him believe that love and gratitude are the two most powerful secret codes to a better life. Great Sun now resides in California with his family.

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